JOOP Rules – English

JOOP CONTEST (Japan Olive Oil Prize) – Seventh Edition


Art. 1) Purposes of the contest
The JOOP Prize is an INTERNATIONAL CONTEST which aims at promoting extra-virgin Olive Oils of all origin
in Japan, implementing the constant efforts of oil producers to improve the quality of their products, and
promoting them toward public and private institutions, trade-distribution channels and direct consumers. The
contest is organized and fostered by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan according to CE 2568/91
international regulations.

Art. 2) Eligibility
Any Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in 2018 by single producers, producers’ associations and authorized
distributors is eligible to enter the Contest, granted the application is submitted within the deadline and that
they are able to guarantee a production of a homogeneous batch of at least 1000 Kg for each kind of oil

Art. 3) Olive Oil Categories
Extra Virgin Olive Oils will be divided into three categories:
a) Delicate (light fragrance, lightly bitter and pungent);
b) Medium (medium fragrance, medium bitter and pungent);
c) Strong (strong fragrance, medium to strongly bitter and pungent).

Art. 4) How to apply
In order to apply, you shall fill in the online form no later than March 31, 2019 (official website: ). The organizing committee will review your application and inform you by email of your
After receiving the admittance confirmation, send the oil samples as explained in Art.6 so as to be received by
the addressee by no later than March 31, 2019.

Art. 5) Participation Fee
To enter the contest a participation fee of €150 (¥20.000) is required for each kind of oil registered by February
28, 2019. After this deadline, the participation fee will be €170 (¥23.000) The payment has to be settled by
credit card or bank transfer to one of the following two bank accounts. Any banking expenses shall be endorsed
by the applicant and the fee will not be returned in under any circumstance.
Payments from Overseas (outside Japan)
IBAN: IT14D0569611000EDCEU0491400
ABI-CAB: 05696-11000
Holder: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Payments from Japan
BANK Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ- Kojimachi Chuo Branch
Account number: 1084763
Holder: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (在日イタリア商工会議所 )

Art. 6) How to send the samples
After receiving the admittance confirmation from the Organizing Committee, send a single sealed envelope in
due time (to be received by the addressee by no later than March 31, 2019) to the address specified
underneath and containing the following items:
6.1) A copy of the application form filled in all its parts (same as 4.1)
6.2) 3 bottles of 0,50 lt. or 4 bottles of 0,25 lt. with proper labeling and each containing the same product in the
same quantity. Labels must meet the labeling requirements according to 29/2012 EU regulation.
6.3) Chemical analysis certificate of the oil samples with: free acidity expressed as weight-percent
concentration of free oleic acid, number of peroxides contained, UV spectrophotometry (k 232, k 270 and Delta
K). Optional: total biophenol content according to COI/T.20/doc.29-2009, alkyl ester content (methyl esters
FAMEs and ethyl esters FAEEs) according to CE 61/2011. The analysis shall be performed by a qualified
laboratory according to EN 17025 and Coi/reg.CE 2568.
To the following address:
JOOP Contest Organizing Committee
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan
FBR Mita Bldg. 9F
4-1-27 Mita, Minato-ku, 108-0073.
Tel: 0081-3-6809-5802 Fax 0081-3-6809-5803

Art. 7) The organizer has no liability or responsibility for any delay in the shipping of the samples or their
inability to arrive before the deadline, for the complete or partial loss, for any chemical, physical or organoleptic
alteration of the samples due to temperature alteration, breaking or other anomalies occurring during transport.
Shipping costs to final destination, including VAT, are to be endorsed completely by the applicant.
All shipments must declare “SAMPLE, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, NOT FOR SALE” in the commercial
invoices and pro-forma invoices attached with the samples.
The oil samples admitted to the competition will be assigned a secret code and kept anonymous by the Prize

Art. 8) Upon arrival and until the presentation to the jury, all shipped samples will be carefully kept at a fixed
temperature of 15-16°C by the organizer, to assure they remain undamaged. A delegate will be acting as a
guarantor for the formalities and procedures, supervising the jury’s actions and putting on record the results.

Art. 9) Jury
The jury is composed by a panel of six sensorial analysis judges, supervised by the panel leader Pietro
Paolo Arca (Italy). Other judges are Antonio Giuseppe Lauro (Italy), Konstantinos Liris (Greece), Pablo Voitzuk (USA), Michiyo Yamada (Japan) and Ángeles Calvo Fandos (Spain).

Art. 10) Evaluation method
The evaluation sessions shall take into account:
− “double dummy” sample analysis;
− sheets, times and temperatures of sensory analysis according to CE 2568/91;
− temperatures of the samples: 28 ± 2°C.
The score of each oil will be determined with the median method and using the robust standard coefficient,
according to CE 2568/91 regulations. An oil may be assigned to a different category at the judges’ own
discretion. The jury ensures that all data provided and information about the oil will be kept confidential. Jury’s
decisions are final.

Art. 11) Prize
“JOOP” prize will be awarded by a point-based decimal system between 8,00 (minimum) and 10,00 (maximum).
Oils will be competing in the following categories: Organic, Blend, Monocultivar, P.D.O. and P.G.I.
The prizes will be awarded as follow:
between 8,00 and 8,99: Silver Prize
between 9,00 a 9,49: Gold Prize
between 9,50 a 10,00: Best in Class
The prizes consist of:
– Trophy (Best in Class)
– Stickers for the product’s packaging “Winner of JOOP Japan Olive Oil Prize 2019” (Best in Class, Gold e
– Certification for the prize winners (Best in Class, Gold e Silver)
– Certificates of excellence for oils with distinctive qualities (high polyphenols content and other special
– Best of Country for the oil with the highest score from each country
– For Best in Class and Gold, participation at the trade show ACCI Gusto, Tokyo (November)
– For Best in Class and Gold, promotion and sale event in a department store in Tokyo (spring and fall sessions)
– For Best in Class, article in a specialized magazine
– For Best in Class and Gold, road show to introduce winner oils to Japanese distributors

Art.12) Award ceremony
The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony shall take place on April 12, 2018, in Tokyo in
front of media, Institutional Representative, experts and many others.
The Winners list will be published on JOOP official web page ( and Facebook
(@joop.japanoliveoilprize) on April 15, 2019, at 2 pm (Japan time)

Art. 13)
The Event Organizers reserve the right to change the rules at any time if necessary, without any liability.