Az. Agr. Il Colle

Az. Agr. Il Colle

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Representative: Ms Flavia Paoletti

AddressVia Montisoni, 3550012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

Tel. +39 055621551

Importer in Japan
Not Imported

Olive oil production info

Olive trees area:   32 ha
Number of trees: 9,500
Average altitude: 320-480 mt
Olive varieties:   Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo,
Avg. production: 16,000 kg

Olive oil info
Lot N° 7

Olive oil name:     Verde del Colle

Avg. production:   2,600 kg
Certifications:    Toscano IGP “Colline di Firenze”,

Olive oil type:   Blend of monovarietal oils (Frantoio

                                50%, Moraiolo 45%, Leccino 5%)

Harvest period:   Early October – End of November
Harvest method:    Using tools / hand picked
Mill type:   Company mill
Milling method:   N/A

Bottle sizes:   N/A

Chemical analysis

Acidity (%)  0.21

Peroxides value (meqO2/kg)  8.18

K232  2.15
K270  0.139
Delta K  -0.008
Tocopherols (mg/kg)  346

Total polyphenols content:  N/A