Massimo Mosconi & C. Soc. Agr.

Massimo Mosconi & C. Soc. Agr.


2016 Gold Medal
Medium category – Green almond scent


Representative: Mr Massimo Mosconi


Via Tomba 50/a

61030 Serrungarina (PU)

Tel. +39 393 9767818

Importer in Japan
AsiaShokuhin Co.,Ltd.

Olive oil production info

Olive trees area:   11 ha
Number of trees: 3,500
Average altitude: 350 mt
Olive varieties:    Raggiola  30%, Leccino 30%,

Moraiolo 10%, Pendolino 10%,

Peranzana 10%, other 10%
Avg. production: 8,000 kg

Olive oil info
Olive oil name:    Menage a  trois

Avg. production:   2,000 kg
Olive oil type:   Blend (Raggiola 40%, Leccino 40%,

Pendolino 20%)

Harvest period:   First third of October
Harvest method:    Using tools (pneumatic or electrical)
Mill type:   External mill (Conventino)
Milling method:   Continuous system, hammer crusher,

closed under vacuum maloxor

Bottle sizes:   100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, other

Chemical analysis

Acidity (%)  0.1

Peroxides value (meqO2/kg)  5.36

K232  1.67
K270  0.11
Delta K  0.00
Tocopherols (mg/kg)  188.20

Total polyphenols content:  N/A